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    [DBHS] Prankids Bowwow DiyfKhKVQAEa_j-
    DBHS-JP021 プランキッズ・バウワウ Prankids Bowwow
    Link 2 FIRE Pyro Link Effect Monster
    ATK 2000
    Links: Right, Bottom
    Materials: 2 “Prankids” monsters
    You can only use the (2)nd effect of this cards’ name once per turn.
    (1) “Prankids” monsters this card points to gains 1000 ATK.
    (2) During your opponent’s turn (Quick Effect): You can tribute this card, then target 2 “Prankids” cards with different names in your GY, except Link Monsters; add them to your hand, also, “Prankids” monsters you control cannot be destroyed by your opponent’s effects this turn.

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    Thank you for the deck.

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